Seven at 7 concert series

The now of music is not “postmodernism” and is not only concerned with the now. It is made of new contacts and acquaintances with neighboring and distant cultures, traditional and innovative, and it knows very well that it is nothing more than a flowing continuation of currents that originated far from it.

This year’s series summons Joseph Haydn, Iannis Xenakis, Maurice Ravel and Bedouine singing, Johannes Brahms, Menachem Weisenberg and George Gershwin. In it, we will hear the most classical ensembles, the quartet and the quintet in works that are at the sublime peak of Western classical music, alongside original works coming from the present and from the local tradition. Percussion pieces, jazz improvisations and artistic songs.

The chamber element has always been made for sharpening attention, for hearing contacts between individual sounds, for a renewed familiarity with textures and colors. This year, attention will be extended not only to the world of strings, artistic singing and percussion, but also to contacts between timbres, movement and dance.

Prof Ariel Hirshfeld




Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld
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Tuesday, 23.5.2023 at 19:00

Between Demons and dragonflies

Pianists Michael Zartsekel and Guy Slapak in a Ravel piano music program.

Tuesday, 13.6.2023 at 19:00

Haydn: The Pythagoras of music

The Ariel quartet performs two Haydn quartets