Young strings program

The JMC’s Young strings program is intended for about fifty of the most outstanding string players in Israel between the ages 11-14.

The program includes chamber music lessons throughout the year under the guidance of leading musicians in Israel, special courses in boarding school conditions that take place during the holidays and summer vacations, as well as master classes and workshops with artists from all over the world. Students in the program are enriched in a variety of areas such as advanced theory and harmony classes alongside rhythm and music history classes. In addition to the rigorous personal training, great emphasis is placed on playing and performing in front of their fellow program members.

The program creates a professional and social community of colleagues from an early age, this community is a fertile and inspiring ground for learning, healthy competition, sharing accumulated experience, learning from friends and a tool for examining personal progress. Along with the musical activities, the students of the program receive many and varied social enrichment activities and sports activities.

The Music Center invests a lot of resources in locating outstanding musicians all over the country and encouraging young talent in areas far from cultural centers.

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Young strings orchestra - Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik