The Jerusalem Music Centre

The JMC was founded in 1973 by legendary violinist Isaac Stern and Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek, with the assistance of Yad Hanadiv (a Rothschild foundation) and the Jerusalem Foundation. in the last decade the world renowned pianist Murry Perahia has been leadin the JMC as its president.

Our goals
  • To cultivate outstanding young musicians from all over Israel, while building customized programs to develop their skills, both as soloists and in ensemble and orchestra. To creating a suitable environment for young Israeli musicians to meet, learn and be inspired by the greatest musicians in the world as well by as each other.
  • To serve as a world-class musical center in the heart of the capital of Israel, which enriches the city and its residents with concerts at the highest level, to offer an advanced and high-quality recording studio, and works closely with a variety of cultural and music organizations in the city.
  • To be Involved in the continuous musical and pedagogical growth of music teachers across the country by making connections with leading musicians and teachers from around the world and exposing them to both new and traditional ideas in music teaching.

From its inception, the State of Israel enjoyed a rich musical life, which has consistently produced some of the best classical musicians in the world. The Jerusalem Music Centre strives to nourish every new generation of young Israeli musicians with the same love, passion and respect for art that have been the lot of their predecessors, and of the great musicians for centuries.  

In the JMC’s programs exceptional youngsters from all over the country are gathered together and embark on a challenging journey that include encounters with leading musicians from Israel and abroad, chamber music and orchestra playing as well as musical enrichment in various fields.

During these activities, a community is formed in which the young musicians and artists who guide them participate. This special community encourages young musicians in their formative years, inspires them and instills in them the understanding and recognition that there is always more to understand, experience and express in the language of music.

The JMC presents prestigious concert series in Jerusalem featuring ensembles and soloists from around the world and the best musicians in Israel. 

Adjacent to the fine and inspiring acoustic space is the Music Centre’s recording studio, one of the most modern and leading studios in Israel, where recordings by Israeli and international artists are regularly held.

The Jerusalem Music Centre operates with the support of the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Goldman family, the Azrieli Foundation, the Sano Company, the Jerusalem Foundation, Yad Hanadiv, and other private donors.