JMC Recording Studio

The Jerusalem Music Centre has over 45 years of experience producing top-quality recordings for the best artists, musicians, ensembles, orchestras and choirs from Israel and abroad. The professional recording studio is located at the heart of the Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhood, right under the Yemin Moshe Windmill. At the center of the building is an exquisite and inspiring acoustic space, two state-of-the-art recording studios and a seasoned team of technical professionals – all at your service. The large recording studio is perfect for recordings, productions and filming of any and all ensembles, and can host over 70 musicians simultaneously.
The studio is equipped with the highest quality state-of-the-art gear, including a NEVE console, quality microphones, 2 Steinway D grand pianos and a harpsichord. In addition, the hall contains a professional lighting system, 5 high-tech robotic cameras and a gallery which enables filming the studio from all angles and turns the space into a perfect place to film and produce music videos, films & live and/or recorded shows. The studio also offers the option to live-stream on YouTube and Social Media. At the JMC studios you can do it all: Analogue and Digital recordings, editing, mixing and mastering.

The JMC recording studio specializes in classical music, and over the years has hosted the best musicians from Israel and abroad for recordings, concerts and masterclasses. Over the past few years the studio has expanded and opened to new clients and began recording musicians from other genres, including jazz, world music, rock and anything that sounds good. Over its 45 years of activity, the studio has produced countless records and live recordings with top artists, among them: Benjamin Hochman, the Jerusalem Quartet, Hagai Shaham, Sharon Rostorf-Zamir, Yair Dalal, Amos Hoffman, Shai Maestro and many others. Major labels such as the British Hyperion Records and US-based Romeo Records regularly collaborate with the studio to produce professional and outstanding recordings for the best performers and composers from Israel and abroad. The skilled team of technicians, led by Zvika Hirschler, are often joined by sound engineers of the first rank, like Dr. Arik Vaughan and Dudi Hadad. In addition to professionalism and quality, the studio’s team makes every artist and musician that records at the Jerusalem Music Centre Studio feel welcome, respected and heard.

We offer our customers many services, including:

Sound editing, mixing and mastering, single productions, music videos and live-streamed performances

  • Recordings of ensembles, singers, soloists, orchestras, bands and choirs
  • Professional vocal recordings, Multi-Channel recordings and analogue recordings
  • Song recordings, Greeting recordings for weddings and bar mitzvahs
  • Music video filming, concert filming, live video recordings
  • choir video recordings, video recordings for theater, films, commercials, end of year performances for schools and much more
  • Direct streaming to youtube and social networks
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