The David Goldman Programme for Outstanding Young Musicians

The JMC believes that chamber music playing is a central and necessary part of any complete musician’s education and development. Chamber music exposes young musicians to a wide range of repertoire outside of the confines of their solo activities, encourages cooperation, teamwork, mutual listening and sensitivity, and brings participants into contact with a broad cross section of teachers and peers.
The David Goldman programme for Outstanding Young Musicians creates, supports and nurtures outstanding young chamber ensembles throughout Israel. The programme, under the direction of Sergei Bresler (violinist from the acclaimed Jerusalem Quartet) includes participants between the ages of 12 and 25. For younger participants (12 to 18), the programme includes weekly coaching by senior teachers during the academic year, a number of intensive residential courses, and numerous performances throughout the year. For older participants (18 to 25), the programme supports ensembles made up of Outstanding Young Musicians in the IDF, academy students, and/or promising professional musicians.

David Goldman Programme concert, May 29 2019
Haydn – Quartet Op. 76 No. 2 "Quinten", Allegro

David Goldman Programme concert, May 29 2019
Glinka – Trio Pathetique, Allegro moderato

Beethoven -Violin Sonata no.5 in F major Op.24. Halell Toter – Violin, Ilan Kurtser – Piano

Beethoven -Violin Sonata no.1 in D. Michael Saham – Violin, Amir Ron – Piano

Beethoven -Violin Sonata no.2 in A. Masha Mershon – Violin, Itamar Carmeli – Piano

Beethoven -Violin Sonata no.8 in G major, op.30. Lior Grunwald – Violin, Tom Borrow – Piano

Beethoven -Violin Sonata no.4 in A minor Op.23. Hadar Zaidel – Violin, Talmon Pachevsky – Piano

Beethoven -Violin Sonata no.4 in A minor Op.23. Omer Salomon – Violin, Tomer West – Piano